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uTyala STEM Institute Welcomes You

Critical, Cognitive, Independent

Children in Science Class
Experimenting in Lab
Girl with DIY Robot
Kids in Technology Class
Engineering Robot Car
Technology Class

About Us

Why we do what we do

uTyala STEM Institute was established in 2018 with the aim of addressing the gaps that exist between high school and tertiary as well as between tertiary and industry. Through a combined 20+ years of experience in engineering, commerce and audit, the uTyala management team have developed a deep understanding of what is required to develop critical, cognitive and independent thinking skills.
uTyala is a Xhosa word that means “to sow”. It is our mission to plant the seed of enquiry into the minds of our children by equipping them with the necessary skills to independently solve problems.  Our vision is to develop critical, cognitive and independent thinkers who can confidently formulate viable solutions to problems faced by their communities.
In a world where technology is becoming part of every profession and conversation, our objective is to ensure that our kids are adequately prepared for the 4th Industrial Revolution.  As such, through extensive research, uTyala STEM Institute has carefully selected world leading “technology enablers” that are applicable to the context of the South African education sector. This enables our kids to enjoy the same opportunities that are made available in so called “first world countries”, resulting in a leveled playing field for all.

Boy Analyzing Circuit Board

Services Offered

Making a positive impact on our future through STEM Education

Boy with DIY Robot
Technology Class
Chemistry Students

Extra Mural

Membership for Grade R-12

Membership entitles members to 32 STEM classes for the year (16 classes bi-annually). STEM classes are scheduled weekly for 1 hour (Gr R-3) and 2 hours (Gr4-12)


In-School Integration

Development of bespoke sessions  for schools who wish to integrate STEM education as part of their current curriculum

Educational 4IR Consultants

4IR Readiness

4IR readiness assessments for organisations
Design, development, implementation and monitoring of STEM Labs, maker-spaces and technology enabler selection

Membership and Master Classes 2022

  • Registration 2022
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    uTyala STEM Institute Lenasia
    See registration form for days & time slots
    uTyala STEM Institute Lenasia, 7801 Corona St, Lenasia, 1821, South Africa
    Registration for 2022 is now open !

Contact Us

For more information about uTyala STEM Institute, our programs, activities, staff and more, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Lenasia, Johannesburg

083 415 3818

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