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"The widening gulf between rich and poor, rapid urbanization, climate change and the rapid pace of technological change necessitates us to adapt and create new solutions to confront the challenges facing children today. Nearly one child in four is living in a country affected by humanitarian crises, and almost 50 million children have been uprooted from their homes. To address these challenges, innovation is more vital than ever." (UNICEF Office of Innovation)

Why promote Innovation? 

Creativity, Innovation and Solutions to problems will be of help to nobody if it remains an idea in your head. The time has come for us to recognise children's ideas and bring it to life. Exposing children from a young age to problem-solving skills accelerates their ability to contribute meaningfully to challenges faced by them or their communities . At uTyala STEM Institute we help to harness creativity, problem solving abilities and innovative thinking.


To address global challenges and achieve a better and more sustainable future for all, we need to take action in promoting innovation, collaboration and shared responsibility. Why not invest in our children, the future innovators, community problem solvers and entrepreneurs.


How can you help?

Help us enable these young superheroes to pretotype or prototype their ideas, register an idea or design as their own intellectual property (copyright, design, patent) or accelerate and scale an invention. You can also help our members who have initiatives outside of the uTyala STEM Institute environment by making a contribution in cash or kind directly to their causes.

Featured Projects 



Young Entrepreneur:
Hana Hoosen 13 years old

Hana discovered that one of the crucial challenges that many girls and woman face is the affordability of sanitary towels. 

High poverty levels in many parts of Africa has resulted in many girls not able to attend school during their monthly menstrual cycles.

Hana's vision is to help communities by empowering females. Together with the support of her dad she has launched "Eternity Sanitary Pads"which is affordable line of sanitary towels that she has marketed and placed on the shelves of many discount wholesalers. 

Hana currently donates a portion of the sanitary towels to NPO's, with a percentage of products sold to ensure the sustainability of the project. 

 For more information see or purchase products at  Continental CnC, Yarona CnC and Africa CnC and direct sales as well.





Abdur-Rahmaan Esakjee
6 years old

Abdur-Rahmaan is raising funds towards registering his IP and thereafter commercialising his product. 

Abdur-Rahmaan is calling on fellow superheroes, mums & dads, angel-funders and industry to invest in his idea. 

His target is R 6 500 for IP registration and marketing of his idea. 


Check out the video below for the full story.





Community Problem solver: Niya Madhav
13 years old

"My name is Niya Madhav and I'm in grade 9 at Grace Trinity School for girls. I am doing a voluntary charitable drive for Thea Pettitt who runs a shelter for children and families in need. I am collecting non-perishable food items, old books, clothes and toys."

Open your hearts and support this wonderful lady whose selflessness has brought joy to many. Assist Niya to bring a smile on someones face.



uTyala STEM Institute - Adookee

uTyala STEM Institute - Adookee

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