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STEM Sessions and Facilitators

STEM classes have been designed to solve typical problems by incorporating concepts of mathematics, science and engineering. Technology enablers are used to simulate iterative solutions for the problem, creating a build-measure-learn loop. Concepts in Mathematics, Natural Science and Technology have been mapped to the broader CAPS curriculum so that the STEM class serves as an alternative method of understanding what is taught in the classroom. Currently, the technology enablers include, coding, robotics, 3D printing and augmented reality. In the near future, Artificial intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR) and other exciting technologies will be introduced.
Our team includes professionals from diverse backgrounds who bring with them a wealth of theoretical and industry knowledge to allow for members to explore, invent and solve real-life problems. Our facilitators go through thorough screening to ensure that they share the uTyala vision and have the necessary skills and competence to consistently deliver a breath-taking experience to members.


Abdul Razak Esakjee (Pr.Eng.)

Professionally registered Mechanical Engineer with a constant itch for disruptive innovation. Abdul's MBA qualification enables him to seamlessly link science, technology and innovation with commerce and industry.
Abdul heads up operations at uTyala STEM Institute.

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Safiyya Dawood-Esakjee CA(SA)

Professionally registered chartered accountant who has diverse experience in the public sector and power & utilities. Her interest in the public sector has lead to serving on nation building projects. She is passionate about the youth and the economy; a key driver for solving South Africa's problems through uTyala STEM Institute.


Garth Malan

Garth is an ECSA registered candidate mechanical engineer and holds an MBA. With his practical and academic background, he is able to translate engineering practice and innovation, into business and market growth. Garth is passionate about inclusive development and believes that equipping our children for the problems of tomorrow, we, as a collective, support the nation’s progression.

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